Friday, November 28, 2014

Lunch at Hard Rock Cafe Yokohama

 photo 20141128_125106_zps48205514.jpg
Had lunch at Hard rock Cafe Yokohama.
They offer lunch menu at a cheaper price during weekdays.

 photo 20141128_122705_zps0937b721.jpg
I ordered Cheese Burger.
So yummy!
The thick and juicy beef patty was so awesome.
And the fries was good too!

 photo 20141128_121437_zps48f78dab.jpg
Comes with free flow drink. (Coffee/tea/soft drink)
I ordered hot lemon tea.

 photo 20141128_124858_zps1c3a1155.jpg
Yeah! I finished it all by my own. Hehe

 photo 20141128_122056_zps08602f1a.jpg
For only 1200yen.
So worth the price.


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