Saturday, November 15, 2014

Today's LOOT

 photo IMG_0044_2_zpse83f16e5.jpg
Today's loot are from 100yen shop.
There are lots of cute things can be found at 100yen.
For budget shopping, I usually go to 100yen such as Daiso, Can Do and Seria to hunt for nice and cute stuff.

I bought a mug cover, note pads, a pair of indoor slipper and also nail sticker.
Each of them is 108yen after tax.

 photo IMG_0042_2_zpse7c4df09.jpg
And also I found this cute sticker from 100yen shop.
I decorated my Macbook Air with it.

 photo IMG_0045_2_zps80646a92.jpg
And I tried the nail sticker. The quality is quite good.

 photo IMG_0002_2_zps0c415e0f.jpg
It's getting cold out there so I wear my Poncho today.


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