Saturday, November 29, 2014

Cooking Diary November 2014

 photo IMG_20141129_093348_zps82da15ef.jpg
The not so adorable chocolate snowman pancake.
With banana and whipped cream.

 photo IMG_20141120_085620_zpsf2ae9905.jpg
Poached egg on toast

 photo 20141120_090321_zps48d3d01f.jpg

 photo IMG_20141127_120039_zps8a670fc7.jpg
Simple breakfast
English muffin - with ham and egg
Baked beans

 photo IMG_20141124_181758_zpsead265fd.jpg
Homemade hot chocolate topped with marshmallow.

 photo 20141121_090033_zps7f99a361.jpg
Quick breakfast- toast and omelette.


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