Monday, November 17, 2014


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The shopping and gourmet paradise - Jiyugaoka, can be accessed by Tokyu Toyoko line, and it's between Shibuya Station and Yokohama Station.

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A shopping street with many tiny shops, selling clothes for madam. Hehe.

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White roses! I want!

 photo IMG_0011_2_zps89e02e33.jpg
Fluffy items for winter. Huhu!

 photo IMG_0012_2_zps87f8ec55.jpg
And this shop is so cute.

 photo IMG_0013_2_zps330ab4ec.jpg

 photo IMG_0014_2_zps591366e0.jpg
You may find many interesting stuff in Jiyugaoka.

 photo IMG_0015_2_zpse4626794.jpg
And I met this cute froggie.

 photo IMG_0018_2_zpsb5329474.jpg
High five!

 photo IMG_0019_2_zps5c67b5ec.jpg
Quite rare in Japan - man carrying handbag for woman.

 photo IMG_0020_2_zpsfa6fffc1.jpg
Hello Santa.

 photo IMG_0021_2_zpse3a62035.jpg
People is resting on benches at the Green Street.

 photo IMG_0022_2_zpsc2806c07.jpg

 photo IMG_0023_2_zps4c25f2f2.jpg
Few coffee stands (van type) can be found here.


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