Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tokyo Sundubu 東京純豆腐

 photo 20141125_213429_zps71c623bf.jpg
Had dinner at Tokyo Sundubu with my labmate.
We had Korean food.
Green salad as appetizer

 photo 20141125_213843_zps4a9408f0.jpg
The cheese and potato chijimi.

 photo 20141125_211026_zps1bb2debb.jpg
The main dish- Oyster Sundub
Love oyster so much!

 photo 20141125_210857_zps239c835c.jpg
Oyster and mushroom stemed egg

 photo 20141125_215415_zpsaf775477.jpg
Last but not least-  dessert!
The dessert was so nice.
Yogurt ice cream with jelly and berry.


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