Friday, December 27, 2013

Yokohama Cup Noodle Museum 2nd Visit

The post about my 1st visit:

 photo DSC04841_zps8e4a3ac8.jpg
He was like a kid! Hehe!

 photo DSC04846_zpscd083af0.jpg

 photo DSC04849_zpsfada2ed0.jpg
Malaysian Laksa!

 photo DSC04852_zpsd29bb5a7.jpg
I wanted to try but dar-dar said he dont want to....
Alrite. Leave it to next visit.

 photo DSC04858_zps9f937ca9.jpg
Left HIS. Right MINE.

 photo DSC04865_zps823d3cea.jpg
His: Curry, Mine: Seafood flavor

 photo DSC04875_zps6cd37328.jpg
Done packing!

 photo DSC04877_zps1d3e7082.jpg

 photo DSC04879_zpsab181b75.jpg
Fill it into the plastic!

 photo DSC04880_zps381bdc86.jpg

 photo DSC04883_zpsc6eb756f.jpg

 photo DSC04886_zps755cbe0d.jpg

 photo DSC04892_zpsc9834c3b.jpg

 photo DSC04893_zps232264af.jpg
Illusion optic!

 photo DSC04894_zps81332b62.jpg

 photo DSC04896_zpsbbc64937.jpg

 photo DSC04898_zpsdb043c46.jpg
Mee maggi 快熟好味!


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