Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Singaporean Food in Tokyo

The most authentic Singaporean food in Japan. (from the website)

 photo DSC_2454_zps1b07eddd.jpg
Celebrates Subha's birthday at this nice Singaporean restaurant in Tokyo.

 photo DSC_2442_zps9d5ddb1f.jpg

 photo DSC_2443_zps563d76a2.jpg
Chicken rice 1260yen

 photo DSC_2444_zpsf776b827.jpg
Fried kangkung

 photo DSC_2446_zps988c54a2.jpg
Fried tofu

 photo DSC_2447_zps8f82aa8e.jpg
Fried carrot cake

 photo DSC_2455_zps2491f5bd.jpg
Dessert: Coconut Tapioca
Total bill around 12,000yen for 5 person. Lol..
The most expensive Singaporean food I ever had.

Since outside food is not allowed in the restaurant, we couldn't eat the cake inside.
So, after the meal, we stood in front of a convenient store and settle the cake.
Lol...haha. Luckily it was not icing cake.
 photo DSC_2456_zps0a198845.jpg
Subha's birthday cake! Very delicious.


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