Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

 photo DSC04679_zps0a65474c.jpg
Had snowman cute doughnut from Krispy Kreme!
 photo DSC04680_zps7395679c.jpg
Not forget to posing with the cute snowman before putting into our mouth! Lol

 photo DSC04683_zps0d5cdc36.jpg
Ouch...Dont eat me!! said the lil' snowman.

 photo DSC04686_zps5a651a0e.jpg

 photo DSC04695_zps9bfc1f7a.jpg
Night view of Minato Mirai.
The light of offices /buildings are fully lighten up!
This event is held once in a year!
 photo DSC04701_zps9ee8527f.jpg
Went into a random restaurant in World Porters.
We did not have plan for xmas eve dinner.
But we decided to eat something nice and expensive than usual budget since today is a quite special day (xmas eve).
So we went into a Mexican restaurant called La Salsa.

 photo DSC04706_zpsfce1246c.jpg
We ordered Nachos.
 photo DSC04707_zps6c057fc8.jpg
A glass of cocktail.

 photo DSC04709_zps7b32993d.jpg
And also grilled chicken and tortilla.

 photo DSC04712_zpsb552830f.jpg
Didn't expect that they will give use the seat near window and we can have such nice night view.
 photo DSC04713_zps00d3cf2b.jpg
It was an unforgettable xmas eve. Lol...

 photo DSC04716_zps8cdab786.jpg
So after dinner, we decided to have something sweet.
I read some articles from Yahoo! JAPAN blog introducing this Tai Parfait.
So, we decided to give it a try although the quite was pretty long.

 photo DSC04717_zps2b8774a7.jpg
we waited for about 30 mins....

 photo DSC04721_zpsc002b9de.jpg
At last.....xmas special Tai Parfait

 photo DSC04722_zps49f7a123.jpg
It was actually Japanese Taiyaki with lots of whipped cream on top!
nice and cheap. Only 350yen!

 photo DSC04724_zpseac39619.jpg
Ho ho ho....Merry Xmas......


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