Thursday, January 1, 2015

The first day of the year

 photo 20150101_053905_zps954e431f.jpg
Hello Everyone.
Happy New Year.
Woke up 5am in the morning and took the 2nd train.

 photo 20150101_054944_zps130ad6b3.jpg
First drink of the year.

 photo 20150101_053951_zps4545054a.jpg
Feel so sleepy

I went to Yokohama Landmark Tower Sky Garden to see the first sunrise of the year.
 photo 20150101_070320_zps7fd7dd35.jpg

Woke up very early to take the first train, paid 1000yen for the entrance fee, up to 69th floor (apparently the 2nd tallest building in Japan), stood for 1 hour in the crowd, waited and waited, and at last, I got this!!!!

 photo 20150101_071716_RichtoneHDR_zpsff094b56.jpg
But the view of Mt.Fuji on the other side was good.

 photo 20150101_071737_RichtoneHDR_zpsf756fb9b.jpg
Nice view.

Next...... rush to Omotesando for 1st breakfast of the year.


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