Friday, January 2, 2015

Gotemba Premium Outlet

 photo 20150102_112624_zpsc8e2465f.jpg
It was my 2nd visit to Gotemba Outlet Park.
Very easy access from Yokohama YCAT.
There is a direct bus service from Yokohama to Gotemba Premium Outlet for only 2,900yen round trip.
It usually takes 90 minutes to reach.
But due to heavy traffic (during New Year time) , it took 2 and a half hour to reach.
Nice weather today.
Mt. Fuji can be seen very clearly.

 photo 20150102_112629_zps9d39e50a.jpg
Crowded everywhere.

 photo 20150102_133139_zps18987ed6.jpg
Branded stuff are cheap.....

 photo 20150102_141613_zps305dfe76.jpg
Prada anyone?

 photo 20150102_163213_zps43ae803d.jpg
During return time, the traffic even worse.
It took 3 hours to reach Yokohama.
Was so tired due to lack of sleep last night.

Didn't do much shopping even though sales was everywhere.
I bought myself a pendant from Folie Follie.
 photo IMG_20150102_223111_zpsrvx6umac.jpg

Holiday ended happily and I have to go back to lab start from tomorrow.


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