Thursday, January 1, 2015

Bill's Restaurant

 photo 20150101_093125_zps3c1a951f.jpg
After seeing the first sunrise, I took Tokyu Toyoko Line to Meji-jingu Mae Station.
I wanted to try Bill's pancake for a long time ago.
So I planned to have it for my first meal of the year.

A cup of latte to kick start my new year.

 photo 20150101_092642_zps197103fc.jpg
Barista is making my coffee. Hehe

 photo 20150101_093853_zps5a7e33c6.jpg
Ricotta cheese pancake

 photo 20150101_093842_zps4539eb62.jpg
OMG So fluffy and yummy!
This is the best pancake I had so far.

 photo 20150101_094248_zps9f100a5a.jpg
And the portion was big too.
Total bill was 2k yen ++
Most probably the most expensive breakfast I had so far.
It's new year!!

 photo 20150101_100115_zps0eeab38e.jpg
Nice flower


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