Sunday, January 18, 2015

Thai Food

Had Thai Food for dinner with Malaysian friends at a thai restaurant at Shin-Okubo.

 photo 20150118_181849_zpsfe0digmq.jpg

 photo 20150118_183412_zpsx4geqbmc.jpg
Fried kangkung !!!

 photo 20150118_183659_zpsk5fvggee.jpg

 photo 20150118_184310_zps7k8ulbz2.jpg
Crab with egg!

 photo 20150118_184414_zpsssmfk8cp.jpg
Prawn and glass noodle

 photo 20150118_184600_zpsdpttwyas.jpg
Sweet and sour fish
My favorite

 photo 20150118_185739_zps4rsgblnq.jpg
Green curry

The food was quite authentic.
And the price quite reasonable.
5 person for around 10k yen.


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