Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Yokohama Jazz Promenade 2014

 photo 20141011_103011_zps5b059db8.jpg
I joined voluntary job for the YOKOHAMA JAZZ PROMENADE during weekend.
This is the 22nd time the event is held in Yokohama.

 photo 20141011_104005_zps22550d4b.jpg
Setting up the stage.

 photo 20141011_103956_zps4255896d.jpg
This year's poster.

 photo 20141012_133200_zpsf23c8d52.jpg

 photo 1412995927431_zps85b57203.jpg
Lunch. Bento from Kiyoken as usual.

 photo 1413009392668_zpsf15da4f7.jpg
Enjoyed this meaningful event so much.

 photo 20141012_203928_zps978c1e53.jpg
2013 and 2014 jacket.


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