Saturday, October 11, 2014

Dinner with Brother

 photo 20141010_213942_zps277f966c.jpg
My brother came to Japan for business trip.
So I met up with him and we went to Shibuya for shopping and then had dinner at Shinjuku.
He was craving for sashimi so we randomly went into a izakaya style seafood restaurant.

 photo 20141010_203138_zps4c83cd13.jpg
Toriaezu Bi-ru!
(Beer first!)
Yeah! Kanpai!

 photo 20141010_203302_zpsdf9bbc45.jpg
Our main dish- the fresh sashimi from Tsukiji Market.

 photo 20141010_203133_zpsdcd3078b.jpg
Tofu salad

 photo 20141010_203412_zpsb548ba0b.jpg
Asari butter

 photo 20141010_203438_zpsab183bf9.jpg
Nankotsu karaage
Deep fried Chicken Cartilage

 photo 20141010_203442_zps07d788dc.jpg

 photo 20141010_204313_zps2658a119.jpg
And squid!

 photo 20141010_204745_zps918f3c0c.jpg
Sushi too.

 photo 20141010_210605_zps762a63e4.jpg
Last but not least. Japanese Sake.
This is nice.

 photo 20141010_213821_zps50084d53.jpg
The leftover. LOL!


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