Friday, October 24, 2014

Dinner at Indian Restaurant in Tokyo

 photo 20141023_151235_zpsf032cd76.jpg

 photo 1414045115468_zps7255933b.jpg
Annual event: Area Meeting.

 photo 20141023_202824_zpsb1f0dbbd.jpg
Dinner after the meeting.

 photo 20141023_181821_zpsa85f6c60.jpg

 photo 20141023_184447_zps09cee6d8.jpg

 photo 20141023_193512_zpsb69156f5.jpg

 photo 20141023_183543_zps7c0c1ce0.jpg

 photo 20141023_193242_zps4fdd9431.jpg

 photo 20141023_193254_zps1736e06a.jpg

 photo 20141023_193143_zps66f2f6ed.jpg

 photo 20141023_193151_zps02dec8dd.jpg

 photo 20141023_193613_zps243d7589.jpg


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