Friday, October 24, 2014

The City Bakery

Had lunch at The City Bakery which is located at Shinagawa.
It is the franchise of a famous bakery shop from New York.
 photo 1414038351541_zps3932e3dd.jpg
An expensive meal. Around 1,200yen spent for this.
But this is so worthy.
The food was so nice.

 photo 1414038384342_zpsebfedf10.jpg
A cup of mini hot chocolate topped with marshmallow to keep me warm in this cold weather. Not a fan of chocolate drink, but this was so thick and creamy and heavenly.

 photo 1414038464039_zps8ddebea7.jpg
Love their Pretzel Croisssant, was so crunchy outside. 

 photo 1414038389627_zps7fd6b0d5.jpg
The Baker's Muffin
And their Baker's Muffin was good too but the portion was too big.
The top of the muffin was crunchy as well.
And I could taste the strong cinnamon taste.
And also walnut inside.
This is just a mixture of my favorite taste in one muffin.

I wish I could have more money and time to spend for nice bakery, cafe and food.
I am so busy lately.
I wish I can have more time after submitting my abstract and finish my presentation.
But that would be the end of this year. LOL


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