Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fuji Q Highland

 photo 20141018_093116_zps50586760.jpg
Woke up at 4.30am, took the 1st train from Kamihoshikawa to Yokohama, then from Yokohama to Shinjuku by 7am.
Took highway bus from Shinjuku to FujiQ Highland.
I went with my Malaysian friends.

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It's Halloween soon!

 photo 20141018_093341_zps017ed254.jpg

 photo 20141018_094116_zpsda3f0f50.jpg
Long queue.

 photo 20141018_110752_zps22734b90.jpg
Our main destination- The scary haunted hospital.
We queued for an hour for our turn.

 photo 20141018_112736_zps28e1108a.jpg

 photo 20141018_123923_zpsc117b9ce.jpg
Photo before the adventure.
It was not scary at all.
Excuse me, it is rate as the world scariest haunted house??
I was not scared by any "ghost" inside. But the total effect was quite good though.

 photo 20141018_124435_zpsc220aeb5.jpg
I was too hungry while queuing for the haunted hospital.
Had a smoked turkey leg to fill my stomach.

 photo 20141018_124449_zps5f48313f.jpg

 photo 20141018_144534_zps1c33ae5f.jpg

 photo 20141018_145149_zps80827e18.jpg
Tea time- Taiyaki.

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 photo 20141018_155847_zpsc3e4a8a9.jpg

 photo 20141018_160948_zpsce500285.jpg

 photo 20141018_164016_zps2592f516.jpg

 photo 20141018_165411_RichtoneHDR_zps4fe97c88.jpg

 photo 20141018_170115_RichtoneHDR_zps4a05b28d.jpg
Nice view of Mt.Fuji before sunset.

 photo 20141018_170418_RichtoneHDR_zps5d17f017.jpg

 photo 20141018_170756_RichtoneHDR_zpsd41f5f62.jpg

 photo 20141018_171037_RichtoneHDR_zps79c9e1ac.jpg
He was attracted by me. hehe

 photo 20141018_172523_zpsd3835775.jpg

 photo 20141018_192551_zpsb0023890.jpg

 photo 20141018_192601_zps7728478b.jpg
It was a fun trip but was so tiring as I was lack of sleep.
Fun catching up  with Malaysian friends after few months.


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