Monday, March 10, 2014

Matsuda Cherry Blossom Festival まつだ桜まつり

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The Matsuda Sakura Matsuri is held from mid-February to mid or late March.
The cherry blossoms bloom in early or mid-March.
I went on 7th March and it's already fully blossom!
Located near Odakyu Shin-Matsuda Station
松田山西平畑公園(Nishihirabatake park, Mt. Matsuda)
Around 20 minutes walk.
Can be accessed by shuttle bus. (150yen)

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These are called early-blooming (hayasaki) sakura.

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 photo DSC05413_zpsd716966b.jpg
Spectacular view of sakura in full bloom.
The plant at the bottom is called Nanohana.

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 photo DSC05425_zps808885f1.jpg

 photo DSC05428_zps881c4050.jpg
Me and sato papa!

 photo DSC05430_zps5512e550.jpg

 photo DSC05442_zps926dfa7f.jpg

 photo DSC05443_zps4efd0d46.jpg

 photo DSC05444_zpse9caf5a9.jpg

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Ada Wilkinson said...

Thank you very much for your blog. We just went here last Saturday and it was beautiful! We walked from Shin Matsuda Station and went back by bus. If you're interested you can my blog here: Matsuda Cherry Blossom Festival

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