Sunday, April 26, 2015

Breakfast at Bill's Restaurant Shichirigahama

Finally, my dream dating plan with my dar-dar.
I always dreamed to have a nice breakfast at Bill's with my dar-dar.
So we woke up early, took train and came to Shicirigahama. 

Let me take a wefie first!

We were so lucky to get a seat at the terrace.
The weather was so fine.
My ideal breakfast place :- Sea, Sea breeze and Sunshine!

Just love this environment so much.

People were surfing!

Our breakfast is served.
Full Aussie Breakfast!

Trying the world's best omelette.
Before putting in his mouth,"It's just egg. How yummy could it be?" 
After putting in his mouth , "Oishii~~~~" (delicious in Japanese.)

And my ricotta pancake.
The best pancake I had so far.
My 2nd attempt.

The bread was good too!

And today's OOTD.
Was wearing sneakers as we were going to Enoshima later.
We need to walk and climb stairs + slopes. 


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