Monday, February 9, 2015

Gorilla Coffee, Shibuya

 photo IMG_0045_2_zpsosk0otic.jpg
Newly opened in Shibuya.
From Brooklyn to Shibuya

 photo IMG_0034_2_zpsvkwpy1j9.jpg

 photo IMG_0036_2_zps2zmff2lw.jpg

 photo IMG_0037_2_zpsxoljlyqi.jpg

 photo IMG_0035_2_zps507bzxzf.jpg

 photo IMG_0039_2_zpsqz7m9qyv.jpg

 photo IMG_0040_2_zpsnf1bul1r.jpg

 photo IMG_0038_2_zpsioa2ftad.jpg

 photo IMG_0042_2_zps4bqohwya.jpg
My lunch

 photo IMG_0041_2_zpstokxijqb.jpg
Egg slut.
This is now a new eating trend.

 photo IMG_0043_2_zpsl2jtnsmv.jpg
mashed potato with basil sauce and bacon on the bottom.

 photo IMG_0044_2_zpsqracp3ef.jpg
This is how I eat egg slut.
This is good.
I will try to make this at home one day.


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