Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Today is Malaysia's 53rd independence day. However, no special feeling to me. I'm not so patrotic anyway. It just a public holiday to me.
I went to Sunway Pyramind in the morning. We reached there at 11am. We had our lunch at Pasta Sanmai.

Green tea

Korroke Curry Rice (ordered by my dar-dar)

I ordered a set with 2 dishes.
Avocado & crab meat Pasta

...and Unagi Omu-rice

It was a simple lunch full with joy.

I didn't buy much thing. I just bought 15 pieces of masks for RM40. It's cheap. Hehe~

No shopping mood as my dar-dar is rushing back home for assignment. We went home at 1.45pm....The shopping mall start to be crowded and traffic jam everywhere. It's hard to find a parking lot too. So we went home earlier.

I will be spending my whole afternoon and evening playing facebook, sleeping, playing ipod..... huhuhu~


Hui Min said...

the curry nice? korea got curry rice also, but i don't like the taste. Here mask very cheap, can get one at less than rm2

Ojyousama said...

Hui Min:
I like japanese curry~not spicy and taste like Maggi Curry~haha

Wow~the mask so cheap in Korea~ In Msia, mask usually considered as imported products....Tat's why more expensive~

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