Monday, July 14, 2014

This is Why Women Spend More Money Than Guy

 photo 20140711_230900_zps53c37f68.jpg
Just recently I spent money on daily face care product and cosmetics.

 photo 20140711_215316_zps6ac9decf.jpg
I picked the cheap one, but still I paid around 17,000yen (Around rm520) for these.

 photo 20140711_230654_zps8d36535a.jpg
Each trial pack can lasts for around 3 weeks ( although it's a 2 weeks trial pack as stated on the packaging)
So, these will be my stock for around 18 weeks.

 photo 20140711_230715_zpsa209409a.jpg
I just love this HADAKIWAMI product from KOSE.

 photo 20140711_231026_zps4f4fca35.jpg
I really love the texture of this CC cream. SUGAO from ROHTO
I don't like foundation neither liquid or powder due to the thickness and texture.
So I usually apply only BB cream.
And this is my first time trying CC cream.
It fits on my face so well.

 photo 20140711_231604_zpsb516621b.jpg
And I bought most of my product from CANMAKE, coz it is quite cheap compared to other brands.
Tried this color control highlighter. Quite nice. Good coverage on skin.
Only 600yen for this.

 photo 20140711_231202_zpsd68a320e.jpg
This is a good mascara which has good reputation over the internet.
1500yen for this.

 photo 20140711_2312340_zpsc4c3162e.jpg
Eye shadow from VISEE (KOSE)
Perfect for glossy rich eyes

 photo 20140711_231657_zps46f379ae.jpg
Eyebrow liquid from CANMAKE

 photo 20140711_231801_zpsbe2f8d83.jpg
This is my first time trying gel type eyeliner.

 photo 20140711_231442_zps73d0bd52.jpg
Stay-on Balm rouge from CANMAKE for only 500yen

 photo 20140711_231534_zps3a98ea7f.jpg
Jelly Glow cheek blush from Maybelline.
Love the texture so much.

 photo 20140711_231105_zpsceae381c.jpg
My new cheek brush.
This is very soft and gentle.
And very cheap!! For only 700yen!

 photo 20140712_005513_zps458cbad5.jpg
New manicure set for around 1000yen.

OK. Let's do something  crazy.
I am posting the ugliest photo of me on my blog.
No make up, dark eye bags,
Oh my terrible dull face.
 photo 20140711_225909_zps704d5b20.jpg

But, but,
if you are willing to put some effort on your face,
something will change.

 photo 20140711_235352_zpsb9809266.jpg
Hmm....not bad right? I am cool lady.
Compared to the previous photo, so much improvement.
I am not really good in make up, but I think every women should learn how to make up.
It makes you look more confident and boost your self esteem.

 photo 20140711_235756_zps257242ba.jpg
How about my smile? Hehe

 photo 20140711_234340_zps5bbe2b88.jpg
Well, well, I love  myself very much.

 photo 20140711_234156_zpse1ff5705.jpg
Acting ( a bit ) cute.

 photo 20140711_234855_zps67a3fec9.jpg
Eye close up.
Nice lashes after apply the mascara from D.U.P

 photo 20140711_234830_zpsa6b1e1de.jpg
Close up!

So ladies, lets make up!
You can change your life by making a small change.


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